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I completed my master's in "Advanced Materials Engineering" on May 2016. I try to find a job that relates to my STEM degree from 6 months, but I didn't get any job till now. Most of the companies are asking for GC's and H1b's. I am looking for entry level but most of the companies are looking for candidates who is having experience. So, I joined in a IT consultancy with no other choice. I am willing to do Job in IT field. But as per the new rules my job should be related to my STEM degree. I am really worried about my future in US. Please help me by giving necessary suggestions and what are the options I have to stay in US and to get H1B visa? Your suggestions would help me a lot.
asked Jun 2, 2016 in F1, CPT, OPTs by Amen virus (150 points) | 214 views

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You need to be fulltime and working at employer location if you want to apply for STEM extension

Other option is to file H1B
answered Jun 9, 2016 by RaNa (14,534 points)
Ya I know these 2 options, but my major question is whether that full time job must relate my STEM degree? Can I do full time in IT industry?
Must be related to OPT if you don't have IT Experience in the past. Same with H1B
I didn't get you. Can you please elaborate the answer? In my OPT I will work in IT field so is that enough to apply for STEM extension?
You may NOT get OPT extension in IT job, unless it is related to your Master's or you had IT experience in the past

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