I received the receipt notice where the current status is in "Initial review" and I'm bit concerned about the below,So can someone suggest me? 1. My BE Degree completion year is 2007 however I completed my degree in 2009(due to backlog). 2. I've work experience in IT from 2007 to till date(i.e. 6 years). Whether there will be any impact to obtain H1b approval notice due to this?
asked May 6, 2014 in H1B: RFEs by Compex | 1,002 views

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That will not have an impact as you have completed your Bachelor’s degree. However, if the degree is not a computer science related degree, you should get an evaluation with experience. Even if it's a computer science degree you should still get a foreign credentials evaluation, to be ready for an RFE.
answered May 6, 2014 by admin
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You can even wait until you have the RFE because you may want to know exactly what the issue is, or if there is an issue. Once you know that come back and we can help you provide what you need to provide to USCIS. As always I am happy to review any education RFEs or Denials, NOIRs, NOIDs at no charge at [url=http://www.ccifree.com]www.CCIFree.com/[/url] Sheila Danzig Director CCI [url=http://www.TheDegreePeople.com]www.TheDegreePeople.com[/url] 1.800.771.4723
answered May 6, 2014 by Sheila Danzig
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Thank you Dan & Sheila! Whether attorney will take care of evaluation process? or Do I need to do any process by self? Please suggest!
answered May 6, 2014 by Compex
It depends, usually it's the Employer but you may have to pay for it and it does not cost a lot of money. I suggest that you get:

1) Just formal education (This can be used for Green card filings in future)
2) Education + Experience (For H1B filings)

These documents will be your permanent records.
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Thank you Dan!
answered May 6, 2014 by Compex
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[quote][b]Compex wrote:[/b] Thank you Dan![/quote] Dan, Can I wait until I receive RFE? or Can I go ahead and get the education evaluation done? Thanks
answered May 7, 2014 by Compex

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