This is Chandu.I went to H1b Stamping in Chennai Consulate on Feb 5th 2018.My profile is F1->H1b in 2017.

Interview Questions:

Went to interview by 8.30am.VO was a lady and she's giving 221g's for all in front of me including B1/B2.

  1. Who is your petitioner?
  2. What your company do?  Ans: My employer is a small scale company and she pronounced it like weird.
  3. What's your Salary? Ans: I told her
  4. Did you worked on OPT? Ans : yes and told to her.
  5. Where do you work?  Ans: I told her
  6. who is client?  Ans: I told her
  7. Do you have client letter? Ans : Yes and provided to VO.
  8. Asked for petition?  Ans: Provided to VO.

She took my petition,Client letter and passport and gave one small yellow slip showing as wait in the lobby .After 3.5 hours around only 4 of us who got same slips called to same person and she gave the 221 g blue along with my passport and petition and client letter. 221g blue marked as  " Your application is refused for administrative processing.The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete". She said I don't need any documents wait for email from us to drop passport. My Doubts?

  1. Can anyone know why she gave this kind of 221g? Is it because of new employer? Then how come uscis approved my H1b in USA?
  2. How long it will take to complete administrative processing?   I read some blogs which are showing as 1-4 weeks and max 60 days?
  3. What are the chances to get my visa approved?

Please reply me your suggestions.Thanks in advance.

asked Feb 25, 2018 in H1B: Visa Stamping by chandu484 (150 points) | 101 views
Hello, this is regarding H1B sponsorship please email me your resume a to john@olivetitservices.com if you are interested.

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