Hi. I have a question.  I'm in H1B. My previous employer (Employer A) stopped US PAYROLL in 20-SEP-2016 and ran my INDIA PAYROLL until 30-NOV-2016.But I joined in another employer (Employer B) in US by 10-OCT-2016 once my H1B transfer initiated (It has been approved on 21-NOV-2016). My Employer A gave experience certificate till 30-NOV-2016. Let me know do I have any legal issue for applying GC since I have 2 months (OCT and NOV 2016) payroll in India with employer A and payroll in US with employer B at the same time and Experience letter with Employer A till 30-NOV-2016. Please advice me and it will be  very much helpful before applying GC.
asked Jan 8, 2017 in H1B: Transfers by askar1717 (150 points) | 837 views
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You may not have any issues with GC as it's the same employer (USA+India). I see that you do not have paystubs in the US from Sep 20 through October 10 (for 20 days), if yes, you need get something in writing from previous employer stating that a payroll was run in India in lieu of US payroll with a clear explanation.
answered Jan 9, 2017 by dan (23,616 points)

So two paystubs for two months (One in US from present employer and another one from previous employer) won't be an any issues for GC. Thanks for your prompt answer on my question.

I see that you do not have paystubs in the US from Sep 20 through October 10 (for 20 days)

From Sep 20 to Sep 30 - My previous employer [ Employer A ]  paid per diem in US.
From Oct 1 - Oct 10 , Employer A had paystub in India.

Hope you got my point and let me know I should have to ask  writing letter from Employer A regarding this   ?

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