I have an issue with my name in my passport and visa H4

My actual name is,

first name :XXX YYY

last name: ZZZ

In my old passport it was

First/given name: XXX YYY ZZZ
Last/surname  : (Blank)

But Visa stamped as follows:

First/given name: (Blank) / FNU
Last/surname : XXX YYY ZZZ

(When we filed DS-160, we filled the names correctly (FN: XXX YYY ZZZ and LN: LNU ) but Hyderabad VAC center screening people requested/misguided to update this way (FN: FNU and LN: XXX YYY ZZZ ). So please careful with those people.)

and my I-94 as,

First/given name: (Blank) / FNU
Last/surname : XXX YYY ZZZ

Just now I have corrected my name in passport as,

First name: XXX YYY
Last name : ZZZ

Now I need to correct my Visa (H4) and I-94. What are the steps I need to follow to correct docs within US?

Our current visa until Oct 2017 and visa stamped on the old passport.

I have applied for EAD and received RFE because of the name issue. I need to submit documents for this? Do I need to correct my H4  visa and I-94 before replying to the RFE?  

Thanks in advance
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The USCIS considers Surname/Last Name  for the primary identification issue. If you get Blank Surname in your passport and you do not get it fixed, the  USCIS and the US consulate will issue your H-1B approval notice and your US Visa with the existing first name in the passport as your Last Name and the first name will be mentioned as FNU. Now, as you have new passport with updated name, you have to get a new I-797 by filling I-824 application. Upon receipt of the new H-1B approval notice with your correct name, you can contact CBP for name correction in your I-94. Typically, it is not required to go for a new US Visa Stamping after this Blank Surname Correction. You will need to carry your both (old and new) passport. Next time when you will go for visa stamping, the US consulate will update your information according to your new passport and approved I-797.

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Thanks you very much Rani Emandi for your response.

My current visa status is H4. Is it possible to use I-824 application for updating H4 visa?  Is it possible to correct I-94 before updating the Visa?  

Thanks in Advance


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